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If you’re looking to go lighter, considering opting for highlights. The key? Be sure to take your base color into consideration. “If your natural shade is a medium or light brown, highlights are definitely going to start to skew into the blonde family,” explains Artist  Happi. If you’re looking to have the dimension of highlights, while still staying dark, your best bet is to first deepen your base color by a shade or two, and then add in some lighter pieces. “With brunette hair you definitely want to have some contrast and this allows you to create that difference,” points out Happi, who adds that concentrating the highlights at the top and crown of your head makes for an especially flattering effect.  As far as highlighting techniques go, balayaging, a free-form, hand-painting technique often used for blondes, can work for brunettes too, though keep in mind that balayage highlights will always end up a bit warmer and more red, notes Gribbin. (Because the hair is exposed as the color process, it doesn’t get quite as light). On the flip side,  a highlighting service with foils will allow you to slightly lighter while still keeping the tone cool.

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